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NetSuite Pro Tip: Show Internal IDs

Let’s say you have a list of transactions sorted by date and you want to find the most recent sales order because you are trying to determine if a customization you promoted is working as expected. If you were to sort your list based solely on date, you wouldn’t necessarily see the latest one at the top of the list. With the “Show Internal IDs” feature enabled, you will always be able to sort any list by oldest and newest, based on the internal id of the list in question.

An added benefit of this is that it helps for imports and exports of data. Typically when you import data, you want to use the internal ID mapping to speed up the import process. With the “Show Internal IDs” option enabled, then you will never have to remember to add the internal ID column to a saved search because it’s already there!

To enable this feature (this is a user-specific feature), hover over Home > then Click “Set Preferences”

On the general tab, check the “Show Internal IDs” checkbox, then click Save.

Now the next time you look at any list or saved search, the internal ID column will be visible!

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