Seamlessly integrate Google Sheets and NetSuite with is a simple add-on on top of Google Sheets that facilitates a seamless data flow between NetSuite and Google Sheets spreadsheets. This free integration from Limebox allows you to download search data to Google Sheets and even make revisions to the data in NetSuite directly from the spreadsheet.

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Now you can have more dynamic reporting faster and easier helps facilitate your NetSuite reporting by allowing you to work with NetSuite data in Google Sheets via saved searches. Data can be updated to NetSuite from Google Sheets and used to generate charts, pivots, and more in Google.


How to Get Started with for Netsuite

Here’s what you’ll need to get started: 

Netsuite Setup (Administrator)

Install SuiteSheet Bundle in Netsuite works as a bundle within Netsuite. Once logged in to Netsuite, install the ‘ Connector’ bundle to your NetSuite account

  1. Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles
  2. Search for ‘’ in the ‘keyword’ search box and hit enter
  3. Once the results come in, click on ‘ Connector’ in the sublist
  4. Click the ‘Install’ button

Google Sheets Setup

Install Add-on

Once the Bundle has been set up in NetSuite, install the SuiteSheet add-on to Google Sheets and connect to your NetSuite account

  1. Add-ons > get add-ons
  2. Search: ‘’
  3. Click on ‘ Icon’
  4. Install

Connect Add-on to NetSuite’s SuiteSheet Bundle

Once has been installed, there will be a SuiteSheet tab on your Google Sheet

Now all that’s left is logging in to NetSuite from the add-on. Open the SuiteSheet sidebar:

  • SuiteSheet (tab) > Open Sidebar

This sidebar is where you will manage SuiteSheet. The SuiteSheet sidebar allows for loading new saved searches (from NetSuite), as well as refreshing from and saving changes made within Google Sheets to NetSuite.

Link your add-on to your NetSuite account:

  1. Near the top of the sidebar, click on ‘Click here to login’. A pop-up window will appear.
  2. You will see a list of your possible roles to login with.
    • If you wish to continue logging in with the role selected (a ‘logging in’ will appear next to the role currently selected.), click ‘continue’
    • If you wish to change roles, simply click on the role you wish to login with and then click ‘continue’

Note: the last role that you were logged in with on your NetSuite account will be the default role when you first log in to SuiteSheet.

Now that SuiteSheet has been successfully linked to NetSuite, saved searches from NetSuite can be loaded into Google Sheets. Each Google Sheet will contain one saved searc


How to load your saved searches from NetSuite into Google Sheets

  1. Each sheet dropdown reveals more options for that sheet
  2. Within sheet options, there will be an input field/dropdown menu that lists all of the saved searches under the NetSuite account you’re logged into. Searches can be searched using the text box or selected from the dropdown list.
  3. Once a search has been selected, click on the ‘load search’ button in order to load the search you’ve selected into Google Sheets.
  4. You can now view and edit saved searches on Google Sheets

Once you’ve uploaded a saved search

  1. Reload: refreshes the current sheet to show any changes that have been made in NetSuite
  2. Auto Save Changes to NetSuite: if this is checked, the sheet will save any changes made within Google Sheets and update those changes to NetSuite every hour
  3. Auto Refresh from NetSuite: if this is checked, the sheet will automatically refresh every hour to display any changes made to the saved search from NetSuite
  4. Close: this button closes the SuiteSheet sidebar
  5. Click here to log out: this button at the top of the sidebar logs users out of current NetSuite account

Streamline Google Merchant Services Process with from Limebox

Introducing to an existing NetSuite platform provides a much easier way to streamline the process of uploading existing NetSuite data, like a long inventory list, to Google Merchant Services.

In this example, an inventory list loaded from NetSuite, along with the results set within the saved search in NetSuite, now become auto-populated columns and rows in a Google Sheet. And once the search is uploaded into a Google Sheet, it will continue to auto-update, so there’s no worry about the search being up-to-date.

This inventory sheet now becomes a template dataset to be used more efficiently outside of NetSuite. This template allows the dataset to be mapped to any other saved search being loaded from NetSuite into a new tab within the same Google Sheets Project, much like this example.

The capability of mapping an inventory list (template) to a Netsuite Data (Google) dataset, is possible with a single Google Sheets function.

The mapped dataset can now easily be integrated with Google Merchant Services through the use of Google Sheet’s feature to publish individual sheets as an CSV file. This feature allows any saved searches within to be published as a CSV file(s). gives NetSuite users the power to do more with their saved searches, resulting in extensive possibilities.

Get efficient. With powerful custom NetSuite tools, integrations, and scripts from Limebox.

ShipStation for NetSuite

ShipStation for NetSuite

Full round-trip ShipStation order fulfillment processing. Save money without the need for additional NetSuite warehouse licensing fees

PayPal Payments for NetSuite​

PayPal Payments for NetSuite​

Get instant, online credit card payments from Sales Orders and Invoices sent directly from NetSuite

Cash Tolerance Management

Cash Tolerance Management

Shortcut the hours and days it takes to write-off transactions in NetSuite every month and close the books faster.

Slack for NetSuite​

Slack for NetSuite​

Extend NetSuite to Slack notification capabilities beyond email. Real time notifications on case alerts, transaction events, and more

There are no words to describe the genius of this company and everything they have done to change our relationship with NetSuite.

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