The fastest way to send PayPal invoices from NetSuite so you get paid on time

Get immediate, online credit card payments for NetSuite Sales Orders and Invoices. So you spend less time dealing with paperwork. And following up on late payments.


Easy UI. Easier revenue.

Send invoices to customers with a link or button for immediate online PayPal payment. For NetSuite Statements. Sales Orders. And Invoices. All directly from your NetSuite platform. 


Email Invoice Directly from NetSuite

Using a customizable, transaction templated email, your customer receives the invoice in their inbox.


Customer Payment Options in One Click

Either directly through the email, or the attached PDF, customer easily accesses credit card payment options.


Direct Connection from PayPal to NetSuite

Customers are directed through the PayPal interface for immediate credit card payment.

This isn't a NetSuite invoicing integration. It's a cha-ching integration.

Deliver the simplest purchase experience for your customers and your team. So you get faster payment cycles. And more cash-flow flexibility.

Save time and make fewer errors

Let NetSuite handle most of your processing work. So you and your team can focus on more important tasks. And make fewer mistakes from human error.

Simplify invoice management

Send invoices directly from the NetSuite invoice screen. And easily associate your customer’s invoice payments using NetSuite’s bank reconciliation.

Improve customer confidence

With PayPal, get higher authorization rates and a lower risk of fraud. So customers can have peace of mind that their payments are secure.

Enhance customer experience

Give customers flexible payment options with PayPal’s Pay Later feature. So you still get paid upfront, and they can pay in installments.

Sales aren't sales until you get paid

Connect your PayPal account directly to NetSuite Invoicing with the Limebox PayPal Payment bundle. Save time. Get paid.

License Fee



+ $600 one-time setup fee

Get efficient. With even more powerful NetSuite integrations from Limebox.

ShipStation for NetSuite

ShipStation for NetSuite

Full round-trip ShipStation order fulfillment processing. Save money without the need for additional NetSuite warehouse licensing fees

Slack for NetSuite​

Slack for NetSuite​

Extend NetSuite to Slack notification capabilities beyond email. Real time notifications on case alerts, transaction events, and more Google Sheets for NetSuite Google Sheets for NetSuite

Allow NetSuite data to be directly imported into spreadsheets. Make changes. And upload back to NetSuite in real time

Marketo for NetSuite​

Marketo for NetSuite​

Sync contact information, transaction information, and website form submissions between Marketo’s leading email marketing automation too and NetSuite


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It's time to start winning on NetSuite.

There are no words to describe the genius of this company and everything they have done to change our relationship with NetSuite.

Flann H.

Partner, Scout Design Studio

At Limebox, we help organizations implement and optimize enterprise-ready NetSuite, and custom software solutions, for their entire ecosystem. We deliver bonafide results the first time. With an eye for simplification and a genius for problem solving.

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