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Update NetSuite Customer 360 Views to Include Subcustomers


Customer 360 is a fantastic set of sublist views that is offered by NetSuite as part of the SuiteSuccess bundles. One limitation of this series of views is that it only looks at the current customer record you are viewing. A client asked recently if there is a way to update these views to include sub-customers as well as the parent customer. I knew of the “Sub of” function, to identify parent/child relationships between customers, but it took the genius of one of our Senior Consultants to finish the job.

About NetSuite SuiteSuccess and Customer 360

As part of the NetSuite SuiteSuccess methodology, specific SuiteSuccess bundles are installed into your account that saves a tremendous amount of time in the implementation and gives you actionable insights from day 1, thus accelerating time to value for your NetSuite investment. Included are preconfigured dashboards, views, KPIs, etc. One of which is the Customer 360 views (it is worth noting that there are Vendor and Item 360 views as well).

A view of the Saved Search components installed in a SuiteSuccess bundle to support Customer 360

Once installed, navigate to a customer record and click on the Customer 360 subtab. From this tab you will see many other subtabs breaking out the customer views into Customer Scorecard, Open Sales Orders, Open Invoices & Credits, Top Sold Items, and so forth.

This is all great stuff, but what if you have a substantial hierarchy of sub-customers for which you want to view everything without having to click on each individual customer? This is what we will be doing today!

How Customer 360 Works

Customer 360 view is a customer subtab and several sublists that consist of saved searches connected to the entity record. To view this, login as the administrator role and navigate to Customization > Forms > Subtabs, then click the Entity subtab. Here you will see the custom entity subtabs in your NetSuite instance.

Now to view the sublists navigate to Customization > Forms > Sublists, then click the Entity subtab.

As you can see from the screenshot, there are 8 saved searches associated with with the Customer 360 view. We will be modifying these searches to suit our purpose, and then we’ll need to come back here and update the sublists with our new searches.

Modifying Customer 360 Saved Searches

If we want to update our saved searches to include sub-customers, it is a fairly simple matter of adding a filter and a summary field. Using a NetSuite Food & Beverage SKU demo account, we will start with the CPI – Customer Scorecard.

  • In the global search, enter CPI – Customer Scorecard, then click edit

  • Then find the Saved Search and edit it
  • Click on Available Filters tab
  • Select Customer/Project… then select “Sub of” and click Add

  • Click on the Results sub-tab
  • On the Name field, select Group as the summary type, then click Save

  • Click Save to save the search

Update the Sublists

Now that we have the new search, we will update the custom sublist with the search

  • Navigate to Customization > Forms > Sublists, then click the Entity subtab
  • Dropdown the search for CPI – Customer Scorecard and select the new search (CPI – Customer Scorecard (Customer Record) with Subs)

  • Click OK then Save
  • Now view the customer record, et voila, we see the parent and the subs

Now for each of the other searches in the subtabs list you can repeat the same steps.

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