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Explain Custom Buttons with a Hover Tooltip: Free Script for NetSuite Users


Have you ever wanted to know exactly how a button on a NetSuite record is going to behave? We now offer the ability to add a tooltip to aid in user navigation!

One day a client requested to know how a button functioned, because they have some buttons that send a customer-facing email to an internal user so that it can be reviewed before it actually goes to the customer, but another button that sends an email directly to the customer. Which does which? If only you could have a tooltip available when you hover over the button in question. Well now you can!

I presented this use case to one of our consultants, David G, and he produced a simple yet powerful User Event script that accomplishes this ask.

How it Works

In order to make this work, first you need to identify the ID of the button. This seems tricky but is really straightforward. In your web browser, right-click on the button in question and select “Inspect” or “Inspect Element”.

Then, a right-hand pane should appear that will give you information about the page. Look for the button value and the id will be after it:

Now armed with the button ID, go to the script deployment and edit the parameters section:

And now return to the record and view the results:

Get it for Free

We are offering this simple yet productivity-enhancing script and no charge to all NetSuite users. Simply click thecontact uslink and we will provide the code and instructions.

Limebox has developed a number of tools on the NetSuite platform that help users get the most out of their software investment. We are a group of NetSuite professionals that pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ core businesses to help their organizations grow and to literally make people’s lives’ better by harnessing the automation features in the Suite. If you would like to learn more, please reach out!

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