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From Oracle NetSuite and Celigo to NextService and Netgain, we only partner with the best in the business. We carefully vet each and every one. So that our customers benefit from the best knowledge, services, and solutions available.


Software Solution Partners

When your company is running on NetSuite… it impacts everything from labeling and shipping to accounting and monthly reporting. We partner with software solutions that effectively and cost-efficiently streamline these processes and functions.

Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite is a powerful and flexible ERP system that can be used by any size of business. Use the power of cloud computing to give you complete visibility into your company’s data, all while being 100% online. Ideal for businesses with less than 20 employees but also scalable enough for enterprises who want better control over their finances, NetSuite helps companies grow from startups to enterprise level organizations seamlessly so they never have worry about adapting again!

Integrations Partners


The Leader in NetSuite Integrations. Complete Integration Platform (iPaaS) for NetSuite and Beyond. Thousands of NetSuite companies rely on Celigo to connect applications and automate their business. Eliminate manual data entry, data exports, costly errors, delays, and processes managed with spreadsheets and email. Celigo’s Platform enables visibility across the organization. Celigo’s platform automates critical business processes across front and back-office applications—that can be configured, deployed, and maintained with fewer technical resources.


In8Sync is an international NetSuite Solutions Provider and a select member of the SuiteCloud Developer Network. As a world-class provider of advanced NetSuite automation solutions, In8Sync offers robust NetSuite Integration for POS, eCommerce, 3PL, CRM, B2B, API and EDI systems.


Farapp’s pre-built integrations sync to your inventory, order, fulfillment and returns between NetSuite and other commerce channels. Their automated processes eliminate manual tasks like spreadsheet data entry and data exports to reduce costly errors and delays. This allows greater inventory and order visibility with tracking and control capabilities to manage every stage of the lifecycle across all channels.

eCommerce Solutions Partners


Shopify tools and services provide everything you need to start, run, and grow your business. Orders and fulfillment are centralized allowing for processing, shipping and inventory management everywhere. Payment processing is simplified and secured with no setup required. Insights and expert tools allow real-time detailed information for managers.


Verenia is a full-service front end solution for manufacturers and wholesale distributors. This company specializes in CPQ, CRM and ecommerce solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of this demographic with an excellent sales optimization configuration software system for their unique manufacturing processes. Verenia has successfully served both marketing professionals as well retail outlets through its diverse suite of products which includes: back office management systems; point-of-sale (POS) technology; integrated customer relationship management (CRM); web commerce platforms, among others.


TrueCommerce allows companies to achieve connectivity between marketplaces like Amazon, storefronts like Shopify, your business system and your supply chain solutions. They integrate all of those elements and connected applications like multi-carrier shipping, business analytics and a suite of tools that manage key components such as orders, inventory, drop-ship vendors and product information.

Manufacturing Solutions Partners

RF-SMART has an industry-leading suite of SuiteApps that provides some of the most advanced functionality for NetSuite for warehouse managementcustom label and form printing, and shipping – all directly from NetSuite. RF-SMART’s real-time inventory management SuiteApp provides tools like Cycle Counting, Mobile Pick Pack Ship, Work Center Reporting and Inbound & Outbound License Plating. Thousands of NetSuite customers have turned to RF-SMART to eliminate fulfillment errors and increase the speed of their operations. RF-SMART is a native NetSuite app with quick installation and training times along with a user-friendly UI.


ShipHawk gives you control to customize your business rules and eliminate manual steps in the warehouse. We use proprietary packing and shipping algorithms to automate order fulfillment and deliver a better shipping experience. That means every order is shipped from the right warehouse, packed in the right box, using the best carrier and optimal service.

Demand Driven Technologies

Demand Driven Technologies provides next-generation materials, inventory, and production control planning and execution applications for global manufacturers and wholesale distributors who need to align inventory to true market demand, compress lead times, improve service levels and increase visibility across the supply chain. The Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) supply chain software is compatible with any ERP solution.


Orderful provides the fastest way to trade EDI, enabling businesses to connect with new trading partners 10x faster than traditional methods. With a modern EDI platform, Orderful offers streamlined testing, standardized integrations, and comprehensive support. We address challenges faced by the EDI market for 40 years, offering a unified solution for both leaders and followers in the supply chain. As our network expands, we drive the modernization of the supply chain, ensuring it becomes more interconnected and accessible to enterprises of all sizes.

Taxes Solutions Partners



Avalara is a leader in tax automation and compliance software for businesses of all sizes and around the world. Get real-time tax calculation, hassle-free returns filing and remittance, and efficient tax document collection and management. Avalara integrates seamlessly with NetSuite to enable an end-to-end solution for managing compliance.


The TaxJar API lets you assign a product tax code to all of your digital offerings, so you always know which ones require sales tax. The API and calculation engine apply rooftop-accurate rates based on your customer’s state, county, city, and even district and deliver your customers instant, accurate tax data at checkout.

Scheduling Solutions Partners


Deputy apps make it simple to create schedules in minutes, make schedule changes, manage shift-swaps, reconcile timesheets and communicate tasks to the team. With Deputy, your managers know precisely when everyone can work, who is on shift and who is late. Managers can approve timesheets, track employee hours and export to payroll. All in one place, all completely mobile.

Next Service Logo Channel Partner Positive

NetSuite Field Service Management (Formerly Next Service)

NetSuite Field Services Management - formerly Next Service - is a comprehensive solution for field service management built native for NetSuite and functional on ANY device. By enhancing NetSuite with a modern responsive user interface and user experience that improves user engagement and team productivity. Limebox was the first partner to be certified in Next Service implementations and is considered the #1 preferred partner.

Other Partners

NetSuite Professionals

The NetSuite Professionals Online Community was formed on September 7, 2016. The group was originally created as a Slack workspace to allow NetSuite Professionals a platform to collaborate, ask questions, and network. In 3 short years after launching the site the community has grown to over 5000 members and continues to grow. The new website was launched September 7, 2019 (the 3 year anniversary of the Slack Community being formed) as an additional resource for members to be able to work together.

Dimension Funding

Dimension Funding allows companies to offer their clients 0% financing allowing control of the sales process to focus on the benefits of a company’s equipment or software solutions. By offering customized financing to your customer you are able to accelerate the sales cycle, close more deals and increase profit margins.

"Limebox has been really good with communication and ensuring our niche cases are fully understood and implemented."

Paul J. – CEO, Triplemint

Professional Services Partners

You can’t do everything… and neither can we! From strategic growth consultants to enterprise financing, we help you find the support you need.

DIAL Strategies

Dial Strategies is a group of professionals helping startups, small, and medium sized businesses grow faster and smarter. Offering CFO, COO, Brand Development, and Transactions Services on a fractional / consultative basis means SMBs can get the insights they need without a long-term commitment and at a price they can manage. Dial Strategies’ growth specialists have assessed more than 400 companies and spent more than 20,000 hours working with founders to fuel strategic, sustainable growth.

Dimension Funding

Dimension Funding allows companies to offer their clients 0% financing allowing control of the sales process to focus on the benefits of a company’s equipment or software solutions. By offering customized financing to your customer you are able to accelerate the sales cycle, close more deals and increase profit margins.​

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